A temporary autonomous party in motion

We are an autonomous, ecological and conscious raising island, claiming for the right
to celebrate the here and now through immediate artistic creations in the public space

Join our pace

You will not be able to easily locate us on any map,
but you can surely count on us to create a unique experience

A magix box

BoomBox doesn’t lock up its content: it unfurls it in a celebration
which claims for enjoying the here and now, amid the street and into special spots


Our infinite magic box
projects, during its strolls,
light & video messages

Sound System

BoomBox is an ever
rolling loudspeaker
travelling at music ryhthm

Dance Floor

Don’t know how to move? Don’t worry!
We sound our Sound System just
to dance for the sake of dancing

Open Stage

Together with BoomBox,
dance & theater pieces
may take place

Art Installation

Apart from being a Sound System,
a Lightbox and an Open Stage,
BoomBox is a piece of art itself


Why to display such efforts?
To claim for our and your
right to enjoy the here and now!

Platform & Squawker

BoomBox is a generator of temporary autonomous parties: free, independent and ephemeral events held in special spots, both in the city and in the nature.

Through the creation of temporally autonomous spaces (TAZ), we want to claim for the right to enjoy the here and now.

Do you want to know how we make BoomBox’s magic to work?

Temporary & independent
creative zone

BoomBox is a project that took its first steps starting from the collaboration between a small group of independent creators. If you also are appealed by the idea of bringing art directly to people, we warn you: we are set in a continuos motion, opened to make grow our small array of independent creators

Contact Us


We are a live performance of music, dancing and light shows, set as a freely, autonomous and ephemeral event to enjoy the here and now


m: +34 722 569 494

e: azaelferrer@gmail.com

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